Fire Pumps

Fire Pump Routine Serving, Maintenance & Repairs

It’s essential that Fire Pumps are maintained and serviced on a routine basis to satisfy the HSE, your insurer and, most importantly, the people who these Fire Pumps are designed to protect. Considering the undeniable importance of the equipment, in the disastrous and unfortunate event of a fire, your sprinkler system can save property and lives. This is assuming, of course, that it is in working order.

Fire Pumps are normally powered by diesel or electric motors and, occasionally, both. Arfon Generators has another division; Arfon Pumps, Drives & Motors which specialise in the service repair and maintenance of pumps, pumping equipment, the prime mover (Diesel or electric) and the electrical control system. Therefore, Arfon have you covered for every aspect of your equipment, giving you total peace of mind.

There are many types of pumps, however, all providing the same solution. That is to supply water under pressure for fire extinguishing through a sprinkler system.

The pumps types are:

  • End Suction
  • Vertical Inline
  • Horizontal Split case
  • Vertical Multistage
  • Vertical Turbine

To ensure safety and to avoid the prospect of endangering life it is essential that Fire Pumps are inspected, tested and serviced on a routine basis. Choosing not to undertake these routine tasks could result in your insurance being cancelled or invalidated. Arfon have the experience, knowledge, support and facilities to provide you with the service and peace of mind you require.

Looking for a new installation or perhaps the refurbishment of an existing set that’s in need of some care and attention? Through our workshops, we can support you with our in-house engineering support or in a combination with our pump partners. Together, we will tailor a pump solution to satisfy all your fire pump requirements.

  • 24–7-365 genuine cover throughout the year
  • 24 Hr emergency response service
  • Planned routine maintenance schedules
  • Condition monitoring
  • Diesel driven pumps serviced and maintained
  • AC induction motors serviced and maintained
  • Fire pump engine repair, overhauls and refurbishment
  • On-site pump, diesel engine, AC Motor and control panel repairs
  • Laser alignmentt
  • Pressure and flow testing.
  • Replacement engine, pump, controls & associated equipment.
  • Complete replacement pump set installations
  • Replacement components and spares
  • New fire pump installations

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers have obtained a variety of certifications including Confined Space, CCNSG Safety Passports, IOSH Working Safely, Fork Lift Operatives and Asbestos Awareness.

To learn more or to discuss your generator requirements with us, contact us via email or call our 24-7-365 service centre on 0151 334 6808.