Supply and Installations

Arfon Generators – Supply and Installation

Arfon Generators are your complete generator turnkey provider. A genuine one-stop shop solution. We can provide a range of generator services all tailored to meet your demands and requirements.

We can provide and install generator systems to buy, lease or even hire, all tailored to suit your needs. All electrical, mechanical services are undertaken by our fully competent and qualified skilled engineers. You tell us what you need and we will work around you, tailoring our services to meet your technical, commercial and service requirements.

Whether it’s a standby power system for a large data centre, a backup generator powering a production plant or factory, hotels, hospitals or portable generators powering tools on a construction site, Arfon Generators meet the power needs of consumers and businesses alike, both nationwide and throughout Europe.


Standby Power Solutions by Industry

From the largest manufacturing plants to the most modern data centres to the local hospital, Arfon Generators are a company trusted across a variety of industries for proven reliable standby power. Find your industry below, and see how Arfon Generators can help you meet your standby power needs.


Production Manufacturing & Warehousing

Lost production or downtime means lost revenues. And the longer the power failure, the more damaging to your bottom line. Protect your business with a standby Arfon Generator power system.


Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Hotels

Power failures are not an option when it comes to people’s healthcare or paying customers. Arfon Generators can provide, design and install full emergency stand-by power systems and power solutions that will maintain the care of patients and customers alike, providing peace of mind during power failures.



Ever experienced or contemplated losing refrigerated or frozen produce? Having an Arfon Generators standby generator system in place will keep you from losing revenue and customers. Insure against spoilage during an extended power failure with a Arfon Generator standby power system. It will maintain your edge on your competitors by remaining open during a power failure.


Data Centres and Banking

The thought of losing your client data could be worse for your reputation. Arfon Generators standby power systems can provide the peace of mind and back up that you require; a genuine insurance policy against power failures.



It is the world of the mobile phone, internet and communication technology. Almost everyone globally is now connected via a mobile phone used for data or voice calls. We want to keep everyone connected even when there’s a power failure. Arfon Generators can help keep you connected.


Government, Education & Local Authorities

Whether it is lighting, computers, data centres, UPS, air conditioning or BMS, all of these technologies require power to operate. In the event of a power failure, you need an Arfon Generators stand-by power system for a constant power source.


Emergency Services and Call Centres

It‘s essential that to, have an effective and working Police, Fire and Ambulance service, they require power. All of the emergency 999 call centres cannot be without power when an emergency strikes. To protect and insure against power failures, allow Arfon Generators to assist you with your emergency power management contingency planning. Allow us to be your emergency service.


Misc. and Other Industries

The above is a sample of industries in which Arfon Generators stand-by Generator Systems can be used. However, any business, whether commercial or industrial, where the loss of power could mean the loss of revenue or even the loss of life, Arfon Generators stand-by power systems can be applied. If you’re unsure of what you need, simply call us and we will be pleased to offer our experienced support.


Some other industries that we provide for:

  • Utility Sector / Water / Gas and Power Companies
  • Docks and Ports
  • Prisons
  • Building Services
  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports
  • Universities, Schools & Colleges.
  • Agriculture / Farming

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers have obtained a variety of certifications including Confined Space, CCNSG Safety Passports, IOSH Working Safely, Fork Lift Operatives and Asbestos Awareness.

To learn more or to discuss your generator requirements with us, contact us via email or call our 24-7-365 service centre on 0151 334 6808.